AVG Expel

Exceptional compressed air quality guaranteed Expel, will dramatically improve compressed air systems throughout the industry. The unique patented design, allows it to efficiently remove 99.9999% of liquid, oil, water and removes other contaminants down to 1 micron when installed at point of use.


30 cfm max. rated flow rate• 15 bar (g) – 217 psi (g) maximum pressure.
½ ”& ¾” BSPT / NPT inlet / outlet connections.
., Removes 99,9999 all liquid water, oils, and filters particulates 1 down to 1 micron.
304 Grade 304 stainless steel body and head.
Pressure indicator as standard.
Optional pressure gauge.
½ ”BSPT / NPT male drain port.


Tested to ISO 12500 – part 3 and 4 standard.
Worlds first cleanable, reusable compressed air filter.
No increase in pressure drop caused by contaminated filters.
No power source required.
Significantly reduced life cycle costs.
Easy to install & maintain.
Instantaneous recovery from pulsed flows or stop start.
All spare parts available.
Able to be fully dismantled.
No decrease in performance over lifetime of well maintained filter 30.

See the AVG Expel catalog for additional information..