LBV (Liquid) Valves

The MAC Advantage™ Features: :
– 2 2-way, , 3 2-way, , variable flow, filling and dosing valves
– Wetted and non-wetted (media-separated) solenoids
– Accurate and repeatable dosing
– Dual-diaphragm D-Flex™ Technology
– Reliable operation in extreme environments

The MAC Liquid Valve, Valve line of products benefits from many of’ the same innovative features and associated benefits that have become synonymous with MAC’s performance characteristics over the years. Fast response times, reliable shifting forces, and repeatable results are just some of the benefits you can expect from our fluid line of products. Proportional Flow Controls (PFC’s), Flow-Thru valves, Single and Dual Diaphragm (Media-Separated) PAYNATech has partnered with premier manufacturers from around the globe who specialise in their own sectors of pneumatics such as valves, Wetted Solenoid valves and Dosing , Fluid Pumps are a few of the product offerings in MAC’s liquid valve family of products. These valves , also work great in pneumatic applications that require leak tight performance. The MAC Liquid Valve line of products is designed to last longer, and perform stronger in the toughest applications. . With fewer wear points than traditional valve technology, these valves are designed to last!